How quickly can I get my order?

During checkout you are presented with a shipping estimator which confirms the shipping options available for your country. It also indicates the shipping time for each option.

How is my product shipped?

Fancy packaging adds weight and so costs more to ship items. Fortunately our Tank Pads, Filler Cap Pads and Logo Emblems are made from polyurethane resin which is tough, flexible and quite thin. We are able to keep the packaging to a minimum using a plastic liner to keep your item clean and a tough 125gsm envelope. This is more than enough to get your item to you in perfect condition while keeping the shipping cost to a minimum and what's more, it's better for the environment. We have been using this method globally for quite some time and have never had an instance of damage.

What postal service is used to ship my item?

We use Royal Mail both nationally and internationally.

How about shipping cost?

The shipping estimator will present you with all the shipping options along with the cost. Shipping by Royal Mail is very efficient and reasonably well priced and often cheaper than shipping from Europe or USA. Shipping is based on the size and weight of your order and NOT per item. This way you are assured of the most cost effective shipping cost.

Do you make profit from shipping?

No, we add a very small amount to the shipping to cover the cost of handling and packaging (currently 60p) which is included in the shipping cost. Even with this included, our shipping options remain reasonable.

Are these products really made in Europe?

Absolutely. All of our Tank Pads and Filler Cap Pads as well as our Logo Emblems are manufactured in Italy using the finest materials and the latest manufacturing techniques. They are of very high quality. You will not be disappointed.

What are your Tank Pads made from?

Our Tank Pads, Filler Cap Pads and Logo Emblems are made from extremely high quality polyurethane resin. This ensures optimum clarity which enhances the products artwork and gives an almost 3D effect. The are UV protected so not susceptible to fading in any way.

How about installation?

Our Tank Pads are very easy to install. You just need to be mindful of cleanliness and ensure you take your time. You can find many Youtube videos showing how to apply a Tank Pad.